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Mar 6, 2015
The recent winter weather has created difficult travel conditions and the impact of ice, snow and freezing temperatures may lead to power outages and potential property damage—specifically from frozen pipes and ice dams. In response, Travelers is making the following resources available to Personal and Business Insurance customers.

For Personal Insurance Customers:
Freezing temperatures can be especially damaging to water piping. A few simple steps can do a lot to prevent destructive pipe freezes:
  • Open the doors on cabinets where plumbing is located. This can help allow warmer air to circulate around the pipes.
  • For pipes that are at risk of freezing (both hot and cold water pipes), let water drip from faucets.
  • Keep the heat in your home set at a minimum of 55 degrees.
If pipes are suspected to be frozen:
In addition, Travelers has other valuable information that can help your customers stay safe:
For Business Insurance Customers:
We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your customers, and should your customers experience damage or loss, they can contact us at:
  • Online: (This is a consumer reporting site which is also available to agents to report claims on their customers' behalf. Customers will receive a confirmation email and can expect to hear from their assigned Claim Professional shortly thereafter.)
The above content is provided by The Travelers Indemnity Company
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