About W. P. Dolle, LLC

WP Dolle uses a Risk Management approach to evaluate, identify, mitigate, and stay aware of your company's risk exposure. As trusted advisors we try to have a full understanding of your operations and the challenges that it faces and find solutions to those challenges, not just sell you insurance products.

Out strategy is to continually work with you to find the best combination of risk acceptance and protection that your company needs, even as it continuously changes. Our concern is to make sure that you have an accurate picture of your individual risk exposure and that our suggestions are based on sound risk evaluation principals for your organization's situation and operations. Of utmost concern is making sure there is adequate protection for you and your organization. Our goal is to identify the risks and determine if they may be avoided, reduced, spread, transferred or prevented.

WP Dolle only employ's trusted, dedicated and ethical professionals. We want to prove to you that we are the best risk managers for you. What we earn by providing our services is never a secret. We ask and expect our customers to be open with us on what they do so we can best protect them and in return you have every right to know what our service costs you. Just ask us and we will be glad to share that information.

Our Risk Management process requires a thorough understanding of you or your organization's risks. We will take the time to analyze to completely understand your operations and present our findings to you. Acting as your own risk manager our job is to follow accepted Risk Management principals and do the following:

Risk Assessment

  • Identify total assets and resources of organizations.
  • Identify major exposures to loss.
  • Calculate values of assets and resources.
  • Measure current risk.
  • Project and communicate future losses and potential risk.

Risk Financing

  • Suggest risk transfer if appropriate but also suggest all available financial resources.
  • We will communicate what we learned in the assessment process that prompted our recommendations, that influences underwriters in determining the cost for coverage. We will also communicate where your enterprise might remain exposed without action or appropriate coverage.

Risk Control

  • Support proactive risk and loss control programs.
  • Show the benefits for participation in risk control programs.
  • Monitor effectiveness of risk control activities.


  • Help sustain a management commitment to risk management.
  • Develop clearly targeted annual objectives.
  • Maintain sound communications with key people on your risk program.

If our risk plan is not acceptable to you there is no obligation to work with us. We understand this process is not for everyone.