Loss Control Services

As part of our Risk Management Department, Loss Control and Safety Services are available to all customers.

We are also a Mastery Group Member. Mastery™ Online Interactive Training Systems combines online training and low cost Learning Management System (LMS) to allow you to provide training to any internet connected device.
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Safety & Loss Control Services
Our Loss Control Department prides itself on being responsive to customers' needs. We provide organizations with the evaluations, training and documentation that are required by law.These services include:

Complete Safety Reviews
Simulated OSHA Inspections
OSHA Compliance Training
Ergonomic Reviews
Respirator Program Training
CPR/AED Training
Driver Training Seminars
Required OSHA Written Programs
Product Liability Reviews
Ergonomics Training
Accident Investigation Training
First Aid Training

OSHA 10 & 30 Hour Outreach Courses (Get Certified!)


Our staff members, many of which have been speakers for organizations such as the American Society of Safety Engineers, Risk and Insurance Management Society and The National Safety Congress are trained professionals, CIHs and CSPs. And they have substantial experience working with a variety of organizations from 10-person shops to Fortune 500 companies.

If your concern is with one machine, one task, one department or the whole plant, we'll give you an experienced evaluation to help with your safety decisions.

We'll Help You Reach Your Objectives Efficiently and On Time

We'll deliver your written report within days of our visit to your facility* . We'll provide preliminary information as requested via our encrypted e-mail system. * The exception to this the Industrial Hygiene report, in which case, we will estimate our completion date at the time of work order. See our Industrial Hygiene Services section for more information.

Our staff services are available on a time and material basis or by the project.

Our Guarantee
As one of the most competitive consulting firms in the field, we stand behind what we say we will do. If you are not completely satisfied, Dolle Risk Management promises to resolve the problem to your satisfaction or provide a full refund. The choice is yours.

Customized Training Programs to Match Your Industry and Organization

We tailor specific training programs for your industry, and we'll customize one for you! Using digital cameras and video we put your people and equipment in the training program the same day we arrive. Our “hands on” activities involve your staff and encourage learning.

We also provide choices for your in-house training needs including the best in Computer Based Interactive Safety Programs and Professionally Produced “turn key” safety programs with videos.

Safety Programs and Training

Whether you need a custom training program, additional course material or just some assistance with your existing program, we're here to help. Our extensive library includes both written safety programs and a professional line of turn-key safety programs.

Available Written Programs

Bloodborne Pathogens
Contractor Safety
Emergency Preparedness
Evacuation Plans
Fleet Safety
Hazard Communication
Job Hazard Analysis
Model Safety Program
Respiratory Protection
Safety Accountability
Personal Protective Equipment

Professional “Turn Key” Safety Training Programs with videos from CLMI
Accident Investigation
Back Injury Prevention
A Bit About Backs
Bloodborne Pathogens
Confined Space Entry
Confined Space Certification Series
Construction Fall Protection
Vehicle Incident Reporting
CTD Prevention for Employees
CTD Prevention for Supervisors
Effective Safety Committees
Elements of Back Care
Machine Safeguarding
Medical Management of CTD
Office Ergonomic Task Analysis
Office Ergonomics
One Tiny Spark
Order Picker Safety
Personal Protective Equipment
Powered Industrial Truck Safety Series
Powered Pallet Jack Safety
Preventing Slips, Trips And Falls
Reach Truck Safety
Elements of Ergonomics
Emergency Preparedness
Ergonomic Task Analysis in Manufacturing
Eye Protection
Fire Extinguishers
Forklift Safety
Hazard Communication: GHS
Hazardous Waste Management
Hearing Conservation
Lab Safety: Handling Hazardous Chemicals
Ready for Work
Safety on the Road: Defensive Driving for Delivery Vans
Safety Program Management
The System That Works
What's Wrong With This Picture?
User's Guide to Office Ergo & Body Mechanics
Workers' Compensation Management

Industrial Hygiene Services
Exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace is a major concern among today's employees. Along with the “permissible exposure limits and increased right to know laws,” the lowering of risks of liability and fines, these concerns are the impetus for company managers to provide comprehensive industrial hygiene services.

Whether you need to document that a healthful work environment exists in your plant, respond to employee concerns or bring your plant into compliance, Dolle Risk Management's Certified Industrial Hygienists are ready to help.

Dolle Risk Management has extensive experience in providing this full range of industrial hygiene consulting services:

  • Comprehensive Surveys
  • Indoor Air Quality Surveys
  • Noise Level Surveys and Noise Level Maps
  • Program Audits
  • Air Monitoring
  • Project Oversight

Comprehensive Surveys
Our comprehensive survey, including the following activities, is an in-depth evaluation to characterize and/or provide a baseline of exposures throughout your manufacturing facility.

  • Discuss survey objectives with representatives of management and labor
  • Review plant operations by participating in a walk-through survey with management as well as relative information such as process flow charts, raw materials used and/or MSDSs
  • Review relevant toxicological information
  • Conduct appropriate air or noise sampling
  • Compare results to requested standards
  • Evaluate engineering controls such as local exhaust ventilation or containment
  • Evaluate work practices and personal protective equipment

Limited Surveys
Limited surveys, including the following activities, address specific potential health hazards associated with specific jobs or activities:

  • Review pertinent information such as raw materials and products used at the operations
  • Conduct air sampling
  • Evaluate engineering controls
  • Observe work practices
  • Evaluate personal protective equipment, if applicable

Organizations usually request limited surveys to:

  • Evaluate exposures of a limited group of workers to a specific agent
  • Determine compliance with specific recognized standards
  • Evaluate effectiveness of engineering controls
  • Respond to a specific complaint

Industrial Hygiene Audits or Program Development

Industrial Hygiene Audits
Program audits evaluate your program's effectiveness and identify its deficiencies. The following audits are developed by Dolle for clients to ensure compliance with specific OSHA regulations:

  • Respiratory protection (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134)
  • Confined space entry (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146)
  • Hazard communication (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1200)
  • Hearing conservation (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.95)
  • Chemical hygiene plan for laboratories (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1450)

Industrial Hygiene Programs
Dolle can establish an ON-GOING, PRO-ACTIVE industrial hygiene program for your corporation, individual plants & facilities, allowing you to maintain compliance with new and/or existing occupational health regulations. It also provides the framework for keeping your workforce healthy and safe.

Program Activities
Through periodic visits, the industrial hygienist works closely with and becomes an integral part of your safety and environmental management team. Major elements of the program involve the following activities:

  • Needs assessments/industrial hygiene program evaluation
  • Walk-through survey
  • Review of major processes/operations and chemical usage
  • Development of the industrial hygiene program
  • On-going program implementation

On-going program implementation through periodic plant visits and written or oral communications involve, but are not limited to, the following activities:

  • Review material safety data sheets for chemical ingredients that may be hazardous to employees if used improperly, and advise safe and proper handling for hazardous materials
  • Determine what chemicals may react with each other in a hazardous manner
  • Assist in determining proper protective equipment and instruct employees in its correct use
  • Inform of new regulations that will impact plant and corporate operations and advise on how to better comply with current regulations
  • Conduct risk assessments on new and/or existing operations to evaluate employee exposures to chemicals and hazardous materials
  • Advise on possible solutions to employee complaints
  • Develop specific programs and conduct training for OSHA occupational health regulations, such as respiratory protection, confined space entry, etc.
  • Meet with safety, environmental, medical and management personnel to help address occupational and environmental health issues and/or concerns

Miscellaneous Surveys and Services
Dolle Risk Management provides the following additional surveys and services on request:

  • Indoor air quality surveys
  • Walk-through surveys
  • Comprehensive Noise surveys and maps
  • Engineering control evaluations

Dolle submits a three-part documentation with every project, including a cover letter/executive summary, a detailed report and sampling tables.

Specific report details include:

  • Purpose of survey
  • Discussion of operation and summary of findings
  • Observations made during the survey
  • Discussion of governmental or other recommended standards as related to the survey
  • Detailed air sample results data
  • Recommendations for control methods, if required
  • Table of air contaminant exposure standards and/or guidelines
  • Explanatory notes outlining air sampling techniques and laboratory analytical methods
  • Employee Notification Letters. This makes your compliance easier.

Report Delivery
Complete reports are sent within 30 days of the date of sampling. Most are sent within two weeks. The exceptions to this are microbial samplings which may require long culture periods. We'll estimate our completion date at time of work order, and we'll provide preliminary information, such as lab results, via fax. Our full e-mail capabilities will help speed final report distribution. Rush lab work is surcharged.

Analysis of Samples
The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) accredited laboratory analyzes all air samples collected during the surveys. Qualified labs can be specified.


Industrial Hygiene Work - CIH
$125 per hour
Industrial Hygiene Work - Technician Level
$90 per hour
At your request, we will submit a separate proposal detailing specific activities. Projects are billed on a time and expense basis.

Online Environmental Health and Safety Training
Effective training means assurance of learner mastery, training in which employees become involved and can work at their own pace. It also means training that's supported with a comprehensive administrative system that help solve your training management problems. Our Learning Management Systems (LMS) to allow you to provide training to any internet connected device. Both courses and LMS are SCORM compliant.

At Dolle, we work with Mastery Technologies- the most experienced developer in online computer-based safety training. Supported by numerous developers, our HD broadcast quality programs employ user interactions to develop training mastery. The extensive knowledge of Dolle Risk Management and the Mastery staff ensures a successful implementation that saves you time and money, increases retention and provides consistent training for all participants.

Why Interactive?
Interactive safety training helps you do more with fewer people and less resources. In other words, it helps reduce costs associated with:

  • Providing the training
  • Administration or record keeping
  • Lost production time while training
  • Losses due to ineffective training

Improved Retention
Training effectiveness and retention improves since the programs require interaction and a wrong reply results in material review. In fact, studies have shown:

  • Higher immediate mastery level
  • Higher short-term retention
  • Improved long-term retention
  • Higher long-term mastery

(Re-tested after 6 weeks)

Employee Benefits
In addition to the cost savings for you, your employees benefit from many program advantages - primarily flexibility:

  • Training is available at any time. While waiting on a late batch, during maintenance or whenever extra time is available, employees are trained on their schedules not a trainer's schedule.   Our VOD course versions work with all mobile platforms.
  • Bookmarks allow for interruptions in training. Employees may cut the training short and return again to the same section at a later time.
  • The program provides answers to questions regarding terms and topics. Employees who don't understand a section can repeat it immediately, without embarrassment.
  • Closed captioning is available to help those who may be hearing impaired.
  • Multiple languages available for some courses.

Less Administration

The Learning Management  System allows full control of training administration, freeing you up from scheduling, keeping records and preparing reports. Administrative capabilities include:

  • Assigning employees their required topics
  • Recording completion dates and scores
  • Allowing comprehensive reports by department, individual, job description calendar and more.
  • Recording additional training.
  • Printing test results
  • Tracking required re-training

Create and upload your own courses

  1. Mastery programs can be tailored to meet site specific training needs. You can insert video and audio graphics, or change questions to cover material unique to your organization. You can create any type of training program with easily available presentation software . This helps your programs meet more of the site-specific requirements of OSHA and allows users to relate directly the training.
  2. We also offer customization services. Just show us what you want, and we'll make the changes for you.
  3. All Major Safety Topics Covered. Over 500 Titles in the EH&S Library. Mastery has more titles on more topics than any other developer:
  • Accident Investigation
  • Benzene Safety
  • Asbestos Removal
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Confined Space
  • Electrical Safety
  • Ergonomics
  • Fall Protection
  • Forklifts
  • Powered Pallet Jacks
  • Hazard Communication
  • Hazardous Material Transportation
  • Hearing Conservation
  • Ladder Safety
  • Lead safety
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • Machine Safety
  • Overhead Equipment
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Process Safety Management
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Safe material Handling
  • Managing Skills
  • More titles being added

Course List Link

Remember: Topics are covered by several titles, which you can customize to fit the needs of your people and your equipment.

Contact us for a free demo or request a trial pilot program.